What is a Virtual Assistant?

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What is a Virtual Assistant?

Since starting up as a VA, the most common question I get asked is “what is a Virtual Assistant, what does a Virtual Assistant actually do?” Good question!  And I think the reason these questions are asked so frequently is, there is no definitive answer.  A Virtual Assistant can be whatever you need them to be!

The beauty of working with a Virtual Assistant, is that you can choose to work with someone that has the skills that you need, whether that be process management, social media management, copywriting or inbox and diary management.

What can I use a VA for?

The only defining feature of a VA is just that – they are virtual.  So rather than working with you at your business on site as a contractor or freelancer might, we work remotely.  Way ahead of the curve on working from home!

There is no “Virtual Assistant job description”.  It’s more about figuring out what you or your business needs, and finding someone with the key skills that match.  And one of the benefits of working virtually, is that you’re not limited to working with someone local. If a virtual assistant on the other side of the country is offering the services you need, there is no stopping you.

Flexible scheduling options

The best thing about working with a virtual assistant is the flexibility they offer you and your business.  You could use them almost as a freelance staff member, a part-time worker, on a retainer for a couple of hours a month, or a couple of hours a week.  Your Virtual Assistant could be someone that helps you for a defined period of time on a particular project, a product launch, an event, the end of the financial year, whatever you need. And even better?  You only pay for the hours that you need them.

Experienced in their field

Our clients often tell us that one of the hardest things about starting and running a business, is how many hats they have to wear.  You might be a clothing brand, but suddenly you’re also a Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Finance, Operations, HR, you name it! One of the best ways to scale your business is to focus on the parts that you are really passionate about, work on the big picture, and leave the time consuming tasks that you aren’t skilled in to someone who is. 

Buy yourself more time

A VA is a great way to save yourself time and money.  By outsourcing you’re circumnavigating the time constraints or lack of expertise and handing over the tasks that take you ages and you just don’t enjoy to someone who can do them quickly, easily, correctly and will even have fun doing them! (Yes, we are the nerds that love admin.)

Perhaps the most important thing is how a virtual assistant will make you feel.  We are experts in our field, so you can expect to feel reassured, that you are in a safe pair of hands, and that you have the space and time to focus on what’s important to you.  

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