Meet The Team

Meet The Team

In our latest edition of Meet The Team, we introduce Sian! She’s a dynamo helping a number of B2B and SaaS businesses with a huge range of experience in the field herself in her pre VA days.


Coming from 15 years of experience in hospitality and events management, Sian moved into the corporate world to use her acute attention to detail and love of people to good use alongside recruitment teams.

Sian’s people focus combined with her results focus led her to Customer Success and she worked with tech businesses to make sure customers saw a huge return on their investments.

Armed with this range of skills and experience, and a love of data and insights, Sian began working as a VA in 2021.

Sian is based in Manchester and can help you with the below:

  • Customer Success planning and implementation
  • Ops systems and Operations management
  • Inbox and calendar management
  • Travel bookings and scheduling
  • Event management
  • System setup and implementation (eg. Trello, Notion, Google,
  • Project management
  • File and data management
  • Process development 
  • Proofreading and copy editing
  • ATS management and interview scheduling
  • Candidate / Hiring Manager communication

What does Upsourcing mean to you?

Saving yourself time and energy, by engaging someone who can either take items off your to-do list or plug the gaps in your existing skill set.

What would you Upsource from your life or business?

Anything I don’t have the time or the knowledge to tackle myself; accountancy and social media marketing to name a few.

Do you need a Sian in your life? Get in touch with Caroline who can set you up with the perfect VA for your business. Or, if you’re interested in joining the Upsource team, drop us a line

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