Corporate Social Responsibility at Upsource

We are a small business but we know how big an impact we can make. That’s why Upsource is so committed to social responsibility and our partnerships. Supporting others is what we do, it’s who we are, and our CSR policy reflects that. As we grow, we’ll be reviewing our commitments and actions to make sure they grow with us.

Paperless office

As a virtual team, we have been blazing the paperless office trail for sometime. We encourage our clients and partners to use paperless solutions e.g. we only use online software for contracts and documents to avoid using paper.

Women in business

As a team of women and mothers, Upsource is truly committed to supporting women in business. Caroline offers her time informally to female business owners and entrepreneurs for advice locally and through her AllBright membership. We have also partnered with female owned businesses such as Don’t Buy Her Flowers supporting other women entrepreneurs and initiatives.
Upsource actively shares knowledge and expertise within the collective with the aim to support them with their own business and skills development.

Supporting local

Caroline and Upsource are committed to supporting local charities. Annual charity donations made on behalf of Upsource are rotated between North Mid Hospital, Homerton Hope and the Neonatal Transport service after their invaluable and life saving support when Jasper, Caroline’s second son was born. You can read more about Jasper’s story and donate to these charities here.

Charity partnerships

As well as annual donations, Upsource has also partnered with a very special charity, Breast Feeding For Doctors which provides much needed breastfeeding education to the doctoral community. At BFDs’ request Upsource offers discounted rates for our services. We’ve moved very quickly from ad hoc support to a commitment of 30 hours/month to support BFFD in becoming the organisation they want to be.

“BFFD has come to rely on Upsource for a wide range of services. Their assistance is invaluable as we grow as an organisation and educate and support doctors guiding new mothers through an overwhelming and wonderful time. With Upsource working behind the scenes we have been able to focus on all important outreach and development.”

Dr Robyn Powell, CEO and Founder of Breastfeeding For Doctors

Performing arts

With her background in the performing arts, Caroline is passionate about the magic of singing and dancing and the opportunities and skills the creative arts can bring to children, no matter their situation.
Upsource has partnered with Chickenshed Theatre and their Golden Ticket initiative, donating a ticket to the scheme for every new client signed. Golden Tickets is a fund available to individuals in the local community experiencing social and economic hardship. Recipients of the scheme are identified by the education and young companies teams at Chickenshed and by external partners like early years services, care homes and minority support groups.

“By supporting our ‘Golden Ticket’ initiative, Upsource is providing the gift of wonder and imagination to those individuals, families and minority groups who, through no fault of their own, would otherwise not be able to access live performances at Chickenshed.”

Julie Wood, Partnership Fundraising Manager at Chickenshed