Do I need a Virtual Assistant?

5 questions to ask yourself when thinking about outsourcing.

Where are you at with your business?  Are you thinking about scaling? Are you finding that you are spending much of your time on tasks for the business, but that aren’t actually what your business does? Do you feel like you’re muddling through admin work, operations, marketing, HR that takes up valuable time?  Then perhaps you and your business could do with some support.

It sounds like you might need a Virtual Assistant.

Enter Upsource.

We may be biased, but we believe 100% in outsourcing when the tasks don’t match our talents or our time.  So to help you decide whether you might benefit from a Virtual Assistant, here are a few questions to ask yourself.  

Are there tasks in my business that don’t have to be done by me?

As a small business owner or solopreneur, it’s easy to feel like you have to do everything, be on top of everything.  But do you really have to be involved in every aspect of your business?  Are there tasks that could be done by someone else?  

Are there repetitive tasks in my business that need to be completed regularly?

This could be data entry, it could be inbox management, it could be creating social media posts to schedule.  If you have a specific set of tasks that come around every month, this could be a really easy workflow to outsource.

Am I spending too much time on my business work rather than revenue-generating work?

There are so many tasks that entrepreneurs need to complete to keep their business ticking over, let alone create the space for growth.  If you’re spending a lot of time on the admin of your business, rather than focusing on its core, the service or products that you’re providing and your clients, it could be time to refocus and outsource.

Are there tasks in my business that feel more like work than others?

You might be dynamite on excel, but hate social media. Or feel great talking to clients and creating new business, but invoicing makes you want to weep.  If there are parts of your business that you actively dislike, or are just plain not very good at, these are the parts that would be perfect for your VA to handle.

What is the main obstacle I’m facing in terms of growing my business?

Is it a lack of time?  Is it a lack of expertise? How can you create more of what you need to help grow your business?  A Virtual Assistant isn’t just someone who can take a few tasks off your hands and help you free up some time, they are experts in their field.  Want support marketing your business – a VA can help.  Want to set up an onboarding process for new clients – a VA can help.

There comes a time for every small business when you start needing another pair of hands.  Great!  A Virtual Assistant is the most cost-effective, time saving and flexible way to get your business the help it needs.  
If you want to chat about whether you need a VA or not (short answer: yes!) get in touch with Caroline and find out how Upsource can help.

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