How a Virtual Assistant can support your growing Coaching business

How a Virtual Assistant can support your growing Coaching business

As a coach, whether you’re supporting your clients in becoming corporate leaders, high performance sales people, or how to manage effective teams, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to grow your own business. 

A coach helps their clients reconnect with themselves and their purpose, find balance and create a life that works for them. And that is exactly what a Virtual Assistant can do for you, by taking some of the load of growing a coaching business off your shoulders and giving you the room to grow your business without sacrificing time for your own self development.

Electing to work with a Virtual Assistant will make your business run smoother, allow you to coach more clients and put in place systems and procedures that will help you take your coaching business to the next level. 

Lead generation/outreach

Your Virtual Assistant can research your client niche, where to find them, and the right keywords to use so you’re not wasting time and money looking for your clients in the wrong place but you are standing out among your competition online. A VA can manage your CRM so you’re leveraging your mailing list to the best of your ability and convert leads into clients.

A great way to encourage sign ups to your mailing list is offering free lead magnets, which your VA can create as well as help you to manage data capture so your leads are  followed up in the most appropriate way. And once you’ve successfully secured your new client, your Virtual Assistant can make sure your client onboarding goes smoothly so they feel supported by you as soon as they sign up.

Your Virtual Assistant can also help grow your business via media outreach, to secure you guest webinars, blog articles, podcast recordings to gain you more exposure and create a bigger social media following.

Business support/admin

One of the most common ways a Virtual Assistant can help your coaching business, is by taking the day to day admin off your hands, freeing you up to work with clients, and grow your business. Bookkeeping, receipts management, appointment booking, inbox management, travel, onboarding gifts for clients – all of these can be handed to your VA.

If you work with third party specialist suppliers, like copywriters, PR and marketing teams, your VA can manage these relationships, making sure deadlines are met, handling briefs and delivery.

Online Business Management

As a busy coach, social media and your online presence can feel imperative for growing your business, but also a huge drain on your time.

Your Virtual Assistant can manage your social media profiles, engaging with your followers and reaching out to suitable accounts, they can create and schedule posts, reels and stories and design graphics. They can also create and schedule your email marketing and manage your website.

Online course and membership management

A great way for coaches to reach more clients and maximise their time is by running online courses and memberships. Virtual Assistants by nature are great at integrating tech and finding new softwares, so whether you’re looking for a small coaching platform, or a complete coaching and CRM solution, your VA can help you set up and manage your programmes. Your Virtual Assistant will help you set up a scalable model so you and your business have room to grow.

Specialist support

The beauty of working with a Virtual Assistant collective like Upsource is that you can work with different VAs with different specialities. As your business grows and you look at new avenues we can help with more specialist support, whether that’s a dedicated copy writer for your marketing, course and social content, live event coordination, or setting up and producing a podcast, we have the Virtual Assistant with the specialist skills to help you.

How to prepare to work with a Virtual Assistant

It can be difficult to learn to delegate when you’ve been working single handedly on your business baby! But we have a handy guide on bringing in a Virtual Assistant to make sure you can hit the ground running and create a successful partnership with your VA from the word “Go!”

Our resident expert Gemma who works with a number of coach clients across a variety of niches says, “A VA can add huge value to a coaching business, making sure all the little things are taken care of so when you’re coaching you can be fully present with your client and making sure you have the time and space to build your business. I’m often a sounding board for new ideas and approaches and I know when I’m doing a good job when my clients wondered how they ever managed without me!”

If you want to take your successful coaching business to the next level, get in touch with Caroline to discuss what you’re looking for and how an Upsource Virtual Assistant can help you.

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