How Upsource can support your business at end of year

How Upsource can support your business at end of year

The end of the tax year is fast approaching, April is looming large. 

Listen, we get it.

Finances, tax returns, VAT returns; they can be scary for a small business owner. It’s tempting to throw up your hands, dig your head in the sand and hope that closer to the time you’ll have the time to really get to grips with your self assessment, that suddenly you’ll grasp the finer points of a CT600.

When you started as a small business, the financial side of things seemed…OK. Just. But now you’re growing, things are starting to get more complex, and to be honest, a little above your pay grade. Even though you’re the boss.

Often our financial services clients come to us when they’re feeling overwhelmed, they don’t have time or bandwidth to deal with what can sometimes be quite complicated forms and submissions. But speaking from experience (and as a collective of small businesses, believe me, we get it) the thing we recommend outsourcing, and outsourcing early, is your finances. 

More power to you if you have the time and inclination to be on top of tax and VAT returns, CT600s and CS01s as well as the day to day running of your business and your plans for growth. But, if you feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day, bookkeeping, tax returns etc are a really clear cut and simple thing to hand over to an expert.

An expert who is only ever a Whatsapp away if you’ve a quick question about raising an international invoice, you’re not sure about a tax code, or want to book in a call on some finer details. Upsource offers a personal and personalised service, with a VA perfectly matched to your business needs, not to mention all those juicy tidbits about homeworking claims etc that can save you money.

Here’s a taste of the financial tasks we can take off your hands:


Submit your receipts daily, weekly or monthly to your VA, or with access to your emails, let them handle the filing and reconciliation entirely.

VAT returns

We can make sure all transactions are reconciled, sense checked and submitted to HMRC. Then instruct clients to pay their bill, or even better, receive a refund.

Self Assessment Tax Return

Send over your bank statements, receipts, invoices, spreadsheets and we can compute them and submit them to HMRC. Top tip – don’t wait till 31st January to give all the info to your VA! These can be submitted any time from April, save yourself the stress.

Ltd Company Secretarial Work

We can submit your annual CS01 form confirming all your details.

Ltd Company Accounts and CT600

Your Ltd Co tax return for businesses with a turnover of less than £1 million

Danielle, our star finances VA has supported CAroline and Upsource through it’s journey from sole trader, to Ltd company through VAT registration, there’s no higher recommendation than that!

If you need a Danielle in your life, contact Caroline to match you with the perfect VA for your business needs and let us take that unnecessary financial stress off your shoulders.

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