Notion – the perfect solution to your business’ Operational needs

Keeping up to date with all the software and tech available to business can be a full time job in itself. As exciting and useful as all the new tools released are, it can be overwhelming. So when we find a tool, piece of tech, or software that we love, we like to use it to its maximum potential.
You know that Upsource is a huge fan of Notion when it comes to meetings. But did you know that Notion can be invaluable when it comes to Operations too? We caught up with one of our resident Operations experts, Olivia, who gave us some great ideas on how to use Notion.

Centralise your business’ People and Policies documentation

Use Notion as your Bible. Make sure that everyone has access to important documents like company handbooks, expenses forms and annual leave documentation. If you’re international, you can set country specific policies by sharing with specific teams.

Keep your organisation’s culture initiatives on Notion

Create a social calendar in Notion with breakfasts, lunch and learns, Christmas or summer party dates and RSVPs, and keep your physical and mental health policies and offerings here.

Help your team get the most out of your technology and systems

Make your IT team’s life easier! Put how to guides, links to tutorials and information on your systems and tools on Notion as a first point of call for any questions and encourage them to get the most out of your tools.

Performance reviews

Keep your appraisal policies, framework, templates and forms on Notion. When it gets to that time of year, you can assign forms to be completed as tasks, and everything can be kept private.

Olivia’s top tip for Notion? “Make it fun! No one wants to read boring text, emojis are essential!

For managing business operations and processes Notion is the most intuitive tool out there. It’s easy to use and easy to read/share. You can quite literally use it for everything if you wanted to, our PM team even use it for project management.”

Want to get your Operations in order and need some help? Speak to Caroline and she can match you with the perfect VA for you and your business.

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