Unplugging for Success: Tips to help your team switch off

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In today’s hyperconnected world, with remote working and blurred home/work boundaries, it can be really hard for you and your team to truly switch off and recharge.

Constant notifications, sly email check ins over weekends and pressing deadlines might leave you overwhelmed and burnt out. We all know that our team’s best work comes when they aren’t stressed and they are well rested. Creativity, productivity and well being all comes from taking time out from our screens.

The Upsource team is majority working mums, supporting multiple clients over numerous projects from home, where there’s no escape from the laptop! We know what we’re talking about when it comes to juggling and how important it is to really switch off. From setting clear boundaries, creating designated “unplugged” time and encouraging wellbeing here are our tips and tools we use to disconnect from work.

Tips for helping your team switch off

Set clear boundaries

Encourage your team members to set clear boundaries between work and personal life. This could mean designating specific hours for work and non-work activities, avoiding work-related communication outside of those hours, and creating a work-free zone at home. Schedule emails and slack messages so your team doesn’t have emails and notifications stacking up on days off, or overnight.

Create designated “unplugged” time

Establish regular periods of time when your team are encouraged to disconnect from work completely. This could be a daily “unplugged hour” or a weekly “digital detox day”, or even that old classic – the weekend. Make it clear that during this time, no work-related tasks or communication should take place.

Make sure they take proper breaks

We all know how tempting it can be when you’re busy to just power through lunch, get your head down and churn it out. But without breaks, time away from screens and an opportunity for your mind to rest and reset, mistakes are easy to make and let’s face it, no one’s doing their best work. Lunch breaks should be non negotiable.

Promote self care

Encourage your team members to make time for self-care in whatever form that might take. At Upsource, we’ve had online group pilates classes, have regular zoom coffee catch ups where now work is allowed and we take our Wednesday ‘mini Saturday’ treats very seriously. We love hearing about all our members’ hobbies and what we get up to when we’re not working, from GB level cycling to excellent crochet.

Lead by example

As business owner, your team will follow the example that you set. Show them that you value work-life balance by setting boundaries, taking breaks, and prioritizing your own well-being. When they see you unplugging and recharging, it will encourage them to do the same.

By creating a work culture that recognises and celebrates the importance of unplugging you’ll create a more creative, productive and happier work environment where your team feel supported and do their best work. And you won’t have to worry about emails on the weekend either!

If you want some help setting up processes to support boundaries in your workplace, drop Caroline a line and she can match you with your dream Virtual Assistant.

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