3 Must try things to include into your working week

When you’re a business owner, or even an employee, you can easily get so stuck into working in the business, on your projects, that you don’t create or carve out time for yourself to make sure that you’re working on the business, or developing your own skills.

Upsource founder Caroline Marshall shares her 3 must dos to include in your working week – you won’t regret it!

1. Time for planning

Planning for the week / month / quarter ahead is crucial to make sure that you are achieving your business and personal goals. Keep your priorities in mind, and even if it’s “what can I do this week to move me closer to my goals?” it will be steps in the right direction

2. Time for self development

You might want to research the latest trends in your industry, social media, how to create the perfect pitch deck, or it might be that you want to learn more about something tangential but fascinating, making space in your week to learn something and develop yourself and your skills will make you a better asset to your business and a more well rounded and interesting dinner party guest

3. Time for something that sparks joy

This could be Marie Kondo style joy, or it could be dancing around the kitchen with the radio turned up (the joys of working from home!) It could be a whole afternoon dedicated to visiting a gallery or 15 minutes for a HIIT workout. Make time for pockets of joy in your working week.

If you find your weeks slipping past without time for these 3 must dos, try our recommendations for productivity hacks, or contact Caroline – a VA is a great way of keeping you accountable and creating more time and space in your diary.

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