10 ways your virtual assistant can help you put on a live event

It’s back to school after what has hopefully been a relaxing, fun and sunny summer (wishful thinking!) And we don’t want to be that guy, but if the summer is over, it can only mean one thing – Christmas is coming.

Or more accurately, it’s time to start thinking about organising the company Christmas party.

VAs might work in a virtual world, but we are also great at throwing IRL parties and events. Whether it’s your office Christmas party, a new year’s eve party for friends and family, or an industry conference, here are 10 ways your virtual assistant can help.

1. Research and Sourcing

Your VA can research and identify the perfect venue, suppliers, vendors, caterers, AV equipment, decorators, prop hire for your event

2. Budget Management

We can create and maintain a budget for the event, keeping track of expenses and making sure you come in on (or under!) your budget

3. Event timeline and scheduling

A Virtual Assistant can create a detailed timeline for the event, and make sure that invites, speakers, catering etc are all booked to deadlines

4. RSVPs, registration and ticketing

Your VA can send out invites to guests, speakers and participants, manage RSVPs and keep on top of ticketing and registration

5. Travel and accommodation arrangements

For out of town events, or out of town speakers, your VA can arrange trains, planes or automobiles to make sure they arrive on time, and somewhere for them to stay too. If you’re arranging a conference your VA can source a list of approved accommodation for guests to use

6. Marketing and promotion

Your VA can create marketing materials, social media posts and sponsored content, targeted ads and email campaigns to promote your event

7. Communications

A Virtual Assistant can manage internal and external communications regarding your event, handle press and attendee enquiries, send out reminders, travel advice, whatever you need to make sure the event goes smoothly

8. On Site Support

Your VA (or a team if you need them!) can be on hand for the event, to coordinate with speakers/presenters/vendors etc to make sure everything runs according to plan

9. Troubleshooting

A virtual assistant can be on hand to manage any hiccoughs that can happen at live events, schedule adjustments, attendee assistance or technical support with AV equipment for when the projector inevitably malfunctions

10. Post Event Management

This could be sending out feedback forms to attendees, sending thank you notes or preparing event reports

If you need help organising a live event, whether that’s a full scale residential conference, or your spouse’s birthday party, get in touch with Caroline and she’ll match you with your perfect party support.

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