How a Virtual Assistant can support your B2B software business

How a Virtual Assistant can support your B2B software business

At Upsource, we pride ourselves on the breadth of our services, with the client base to match. From freelance creatives  to multinational tech companies, we are helping businesses to work smarter, and Upsource their admin to help scale their business and prepare for success.

Whether you’re a tech start up, or a more established SaaS software company that prides itself on thinking like a start up, if you’re looking to grow your business, outsourcing is an easy and cost effective way to buy yourself more valuable time.

The holy trinity of admin support

While company culture and ways of working are often very different from business to business, there are a lot of similarities in the kinds of tasks that can be Upsourced to your Virtual Assistant. Calendar, meeting and action management are some of the central pillars of support we offer to our B2B software clients.

VAs are experts at optimising your calendar to make sure you are making the most of your time, blocking out the all important hours to actually work on your business priorities. Sharing agendas, sweeping meeting minutes for actions and managing them according to any deadlines, your VA can streamline your meetings process and make sure you never get stuck in unproductive meetings again.

Our aim is to help you free up your, and your team’s, time to focus on growing your business.

Depending on your needs, your VA could also support you with other traditional administrative tasks: travel booking, event coordination, inbox management, project administration and support. Whatever you need, communication with your VA is always open – just ask! Our clients are often surprised by the added value a Virtual Assistant brings, with strong experience in business, and being business owners themselves, VAs are uniquely placed to help you get the most out of your business. 

Boost productivity

We all know that tech companies love to maximise productivity! By taking admin tasks off your desk, your VA can help you use your time more efficiently: you can play to your strengths rather than wasting time on tasks that aren’t your strong suit. Your Virtual Assistant will continue to have the conversations that need to be had, but you don’t have time for and can help do your prioritising for you. 

By increasing your bandwidth, you are opening yourself up to optimise your business.

Prepare for greatness

The culture of tech start ups is often “move fast and break things”. They roll with the punches and adapt nimbly to whatever the business world throws at you.

Whenever you decide to implement structure and processes into your company to ensure its smooth running your VA will be there to help actualise the systems you need to be ready to scale your business at a moment’s notice. You will be ready to become the great success you deserve to be.

A different perspective

As an integrated part time member of your team, your Virtual Assistant has the benefit of a varied perspective to the rest of your business. Not being involved in the nitty gritty of your product or to-market plans means that your VA can give you some big picture thinking and hold you accountable to your priorities. That view can help you to laser focus on what is vital to you and your business without getting lost in the weeds of finer details that are important, but could be serving as distractions from your vision.

Fast paced action and reaction

As part of a bigger team with different priorities, it can be difficult to “code switch” and focus on what you need in that moment, and we all know that things are changing all the time in tech businesses. Because the action can be fast paced, your VA is well placed to keep having conversations where they are needed with your various teams and keep you and your exec up to date with changes. So when you come out of a meeting, you’re still on track, even if it’s a slightly different track to when you went in! 

New ways of working

SaaS businesses are very open to trying new software, new tech, new systems and processes that can assist their ways of working. As experts working entirely in the virtual space, a VA loves new tools and systems too. One of the virtues of working with an agency like Upsource is the breadth of knowledge and experience that a collective provides. If your VA isn’t familiar with a software, you can guarantee one of the wider team is, and might be able to suggest something better!

We love the challenges and dynamism of working with B2B software businesses at Upsource. Sian is one of our tech VAs, working with a number of SaaS clients and with a background of valuable tech experience herself. Sian says, “My experience working client side in tech businesses, and specialising as a VA supporting software businesses, I know that clever scheduling can be the game changer – the thing that takes you from good to great. agenda management for internal meetings, or ensuring you are prepped for client commitments, the value of smart scheduling lies in you being able to spend your time on what you do best.”

Sian has been an invaluable team member for her tech clients. If you’d like to outsource some tasks to a Virtual Assistant to optimise your time and set your business up for success, get in touch with Caroline for a chat about your needs.

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